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Premier Denture Care Solutions In Des Moines: Get Customized Full And Partial Dentures For Your Dental Care

Welcome to the Des Moines Cosmetic Dentistry Center, where cutting-edge technology meets compassionate care to redefine your dental experience. Specializing in both full and partial dentures, our clinic is committed to delivering tailor-made solutions that not only enhance your smile but also restore functionality and boost your self-esteem. With a focus on personalized service, our team of dental artisans employs the latest advancements in dental prosthetics to create dentures that are as comfortable as they are lifelike.

Our Dentures Services

Delivering excellence in denture care means offering services that cater to every need, ensuring we have the perfect solution for everyone who walks through our doors.

Full Dentures

Full Dentures are worn by patients who are missing all teeth in either the maxillary or mandibular arch. The complete dentures cover the entire upper or lower jaw. Full dentures are made of a gum-colored base and attached false teeth. There are several types of full dentures available for you:

  1. Conventional Dentures – Conventional dentures are recommended for patients with completely healed gums. They can be put in place eight weeks after the last tooth extraction. A patient’s gum healing time can vary, and the exact time needed for the denture installation will be determined by your dentist. During this healing time, it is important to maintain proper dental hygiene and an appropriate diet to facilitate healing.
  2. Immediate Dentures – To prevent the discomfort of living without teeth, immediate dentures are an ideal option. Immediate dentures can be worn immediately after the last tooth is removed, however, the jaw modifies continuously during the healing process, so periodic adjustments will need to be made. Immediate dentures are recommended as a temporary treatment until conventional dentures can be worn.
  3. Overdentures – Dr. Forrest will try to save whatever possible from your natural teeth. Natural teeth help maintain the jawbone in good condition and provide good support for the dentures. The overdenture is designed to accommodate existing teeth. Dental implants can also be used for support.

Partial Dentures

Our partial dentures are an ideal solution for those missing one or a few teeth, acting as a bridge to restore your smile’s integrity. Unlike traditional bridges, our partial dentures are crafted with a focus on preserving your existing teeth and gum health. We offer a range of materials, including lightweight, flexible options that provide a comfortable, secure fit without compromising the health of adjacent teeth.

Denture Care and Maintenance

The care and maintenance of your dentures depend on the type of denture being used. Dr. Forrest will detail the do’s and don’ts when wearing dentures, but there are a few general rules which need to be followed by each patient:

  • Dentures need to be worn continuously in the first few weeks until the patient gets used to them. Afterward, the denture can be removed during the night for additional comfort.
  • When not in use, the dentures must be placed in a special container and fully covered with water to preserve flexibility.
  • Dentures need to be cleaned every day with a non-abrasive cleanser and a toothbrush with soft bristles.
  • Visit the dentist regularly for adjustments and routine checks on gums and remaining teeth.

Dentures can change your appearance, boost self-esteem and improve your eating experience. If you are missing teeth, visit Stephen Forrest, DDS to see if dentures in Des Moines are right for you!

Materials and Technology

The quality of materials and the precision of technology directly impact the comfort, appearance, and longevity of your dentures. At Des Moines Cosmetic Dentistry Center, we utilize only the finest, biocompatible materials that ensure your dentures not only look natural but feel and function as your own teeth would. Our investment in technology, like digital impressions and 3D printing, ensures that your dentures are crafted with attention to detail, fitting you perfectly and providing unparalleled comfort.


Why Choose Des Moines Cosmetic Dentistry Center?

Choosing the right dental care provider is crucial, and at Des Moines Cosmetic Dentistry Center, we offer a combination of expertise, personalized care, and advanced technology, setting us apart in the field of cosmetic dentistry.

Expertise in Cosmetic Dentistry

Our dental professionals are not just skilled artisans; they are visionaries in cosmetic dentistry. With decades of combined experience, they harness their in-depth knowledge and passion for dentistry to craft dentures that not only fit flawlessly but also mimic the natural appearance of your gum tissue and teeth. This commitment to excellence ensures that each patient receives the highest standard of care and outcomes that exceed their expectations.

Personalized Care Approach

We believe every smile is unique, and so should be every solution. From the moment you step into our center, you’ll be treated with the warmth, respect, and attention you deserve. Our approach involves a detailed consultation process, during which we take the time to understand your specific needs, concerns, and aspirations. This personalized strategy ensures that the dentures we create are not just medical devices but true extensions of your personality and lifestyle.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Innovation is at the heart of what we do. Our clinic is equipped with cutting-edge dental technology, including 3D imaging and computer-aided design and manufacturing systems, which allow for unparalleled precision in denture fabrication. This technology not only improves the fit and feel of your dentures but also significantly reduces the turnaround time, getting you back to your best smile faster than ever.

Patient Satisfaction Stories

Our patients’ smiles and stories of transformation are our greatest endorsements. Here’s what they’re saying:

“Receiving my full dentures from Des Moines Cosmetic Dentistry Center was a life-changing experience. The attention to detail and care throughout the process was exceptional. I finally have a smile that I’m proud to show off.” – Elizabeth H., Ankeny

“I was hesitant about getting partial dentures, but the team at Des Moines Cosmetic Dentistry Center made me feel completely at ease. The result was beyond my expectations – my smile has never looked better, and I owe it all to their expertise and compassion.” – Michael T., Clive

Benefits of Choosing Our Dentures

Our dentures are more than just a solution for missing teeth; they are a gateway to a renewed sense of self and an enhanced quality of life.

  • Restored Functionality: Enjoy your favorite foods and speak with confidence. Our dentures are designed for optimal functionality, allowing you to eat, speak, and laugh without worry.
  • Aesthetic Enhancement: Each set of dentures is crafted to complement your facial features and aesthetics, ensuring a natural, vibrant smile that lights up the room.
  • Longevity and Durability: Crafted from the highest quality materials, our dentures are built to last, ensuring you enjoy a beautiful smile for years to come.
  • Improved Oral Health: Our dentures not only restore your smile but also support your facial structure and prevent the remaining teeth (in cases of partial dentures) from shifting, maintaining overall oral health.


How do I care for my dentures?

Caring for your dentures is crucial for their longevity and your oral health. We provide comprehensive guidance on daily cleaning routines, storage, and handling to ensure your dentures remain in pristine condition. Remember, regular check-ups are key to maintaining the fit and function of your dentures.

Can I sleep with my dentures in?

We generally recommend removing dentures at night to allow your gums to rest and to maintain proper oral hygiene. However, there are exceptions based on individual needs and preferences, which we can discuss during your consultation.

Are dentures uncomfortable?

While there may be an adjustment period as you get used to your new dentures, modern dentures are designed with comfort in mind. Our custom-fit approach ensures that your dentures will feel natural and comfortable in your mouth.

The Consultation Process

Your path to a perfect smile begins with a detailed consultation at Des Moines Cosmetic Dentistry Center. Here’s what to expect:

  • Personalized Assessment: We start with a comprehensive evaluation of your dental health, aesthetic preferences, and lifestyle needs to recommend the best denture solution for you.
  • Digital Impressions: Utilizing digital technology, we take accurate impressions of your mouth, ensuring a perfect fit and natural look for your dentures.
  • Customization: We discuss every aspect of your new dentures, from the shape and color of the teeth to the materials used, ensuring they meet your expectations in every way.
  • Fitting and Adjustments: Once your dentures are ready, we’ll have you try them on to assess the fit and make any necessary adjustments for optimal comfort and functionality.

Schedule Your Visit

Reclaim your confident, beautiful smile. Contact Des Moines Cosmetic Dentistry Center today to schedule your comprehensive denture and teeth consultation. Let us help you find the perfect solution tailored just for you.